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Ken Cheng and Shelly Tam became spokesmen for Forest Mountain Biking Marathon
2018/7/11 10:27:35

We are very happy to announce that Ken Cheng, a former champion and coach of Hong Kong mountain biking, and Hong Kong rider Shelly Tam will be the two spokespersons for this years Changchun Jingyuetan international forest mountain biking marathon.

As a former member of the Hong Kong cycling team, Mr Cheng participated in Asian MTB championships and the HK national MTB championships on behalf of Hong Kong. He also became the champion of the open group of the Hong Kong mountain bike championship in 2016. He was also one of the first Chinese to complete the Cape Epic marathon in South Africa (the other was his teammate, Fang Chen). After his retirement, hes still active in cycling circles and writing for magazines, doing TV presentations for the Olympic cycling competition, being a bicycle coach etc. Hes providing professional cycling lessons to the average person, and hes doing a great job of spreading cycling culture and bringing the glamour of cycling to more people.

More happily, he met his wife Shelly Tam while doing his favorite sport of cycling. Shelly was originally a fan of triathlon. Under the influence of Ken Cheng, she fell in love with mountain biking and took part in mountain bike competitions at home and abroad. Chengs success cannot be separated from his wifes support and help. We are very glad to be able to work with this model couple as our event spokesperson. Hopefully their story will encourage more cyclists. With the selfless support of partners, mutual respect and understanding, they can go further with hobbies and life.

In Chinese cycling circles, Cheng is definitely a legend and an industry model. What about the wonderful story of him and his wife? Well post an interview with them later. Please stay tuned.

About Ken Cheng

R3 CYCLING TEAM Head Coach and Founder

2016 Hong Kong Mountain Bike Championship Open Championship (National Champion)

Former Hong Kong cycling team road/mountain bike representative

Qualified for one-level bicycle coaching and more than ten years of teaching experience

Training Peaks Power Certification

Specialized brand spokesperson

The famous American bicycle parts brand SRAM brand spokesperson

Australias famous sports nutrition brand ANS - Australian Nutrition and Sports brand spokesperson

Bicycle column writers and have been interviewed by the media many times.

The first Chinese rider to complete the multi-day race in Cape Epic, South Africa

Completed the Cape Epic Mountain Multi-Day Tournament in South Africa three times and won the honor of Amabubesi(CAPE EPIC has specially established Amabubesi honors to reward riders who have participated in many times. The basic qualification is to participate in three times.)

2012 London Olympic mens and womens mountain bike race, Mi TV rice live commentator

2015 World Mountain Bike Championship, Le TV Sports live commentator

2016 Rio Olympics Men and Women BMX Race, TVB commentator

2016 Rio Olympic men and women mountain bike race, TVB commentator

About Shelly Tam


Australias famous sports nutrition brand ANS - Australian Nutrition and Sports brand spokesperson

2018 Japan SDA Mountain Bike Race 42km Womens 5th place

2017 Japan SDA Mountain Bike Race 20km Womens second place

2016 Hong Kong Bicycle Carnival Womens Open Group 6th Place

2015 (Hong Kong) Duathlon Finisher

2014 (Hong Kong) ASTC Triathlon Asian Cup, Completed