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Online registration of 2017 Changchun Jingyuetan International forest mountain biking marathon is opening!
2018/5/18 7:22:56

On August 27th, the third session of the event will be held in Changchun Jingyuetan National Forest Park,the national 5A level scenic spot. The track combines the mountain slope, the forest sand road and the lake road, shows us both relatively simple and challenging track, while the difficulty of the track to meet the different pursuit of the faithful. This complex track with beautiful forest scenery successfully attracted many well-known amateur and foreign atheletes in the past two years,such as the Russian Dennis, Chinese athlete Yu Guangwei, Zeng Qingyun, Wang Xueli and so on. In last year competition, Yu Guangwei from Kailu Shi - liefeng team won the mens championship with his own climbing advantage, He finished the competition all the way without competitor . While Wang Xueli won the womens championship 5 minutes ahead the second place.
The group setting for this year is still divided into 30 km group and 60 km group.Participate in 30 km comoetition ,you should ride a bike for a lap of the track, 60 km for the two laps. If it rains, the race will be harder, but riding in the mud and challenging yourself is also one of the joys of mountain biking.

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