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Here come the details of JYT Forest MTB track
2018/5/18 6:39:46

Location: Changchun Jingyuetan Forest Park (AAAAA level)

Track: Total length is 30km, 60km participants need ride two circuits while 30km one circuit. The track involved mountain slope and forest sand way. Ascending 460m in a lap-30km, max slope is 23 degrees.

Start – 05km

Spot: roller skating field, pine ridge

The 1st km is flat, then 2-3km is a little hard, with a continuous uphill slope along paved road (max is 14 degrees,100m risen). The 1st checkpoint is here. The followed 1km is downhill, road and mountain mixed. Then the track goes around the lake, up and down.

05km – 10km

Spot: deer park, Dongjiatun east mount

Road around the lake is going another 2km, 50m variety of altitude, max slope is 10 degrees. Then it converts to 2km forest trail downhill. The 5th km returns to the lake, more flat. Therell be the first drinking station at the stream bridge.

10km – 15km

Spot: southeast 2nd ring road

Most time youll ride in the forest, and climb about 100m. As the track is covered by grass, please pay attention to muddy puddles.

15km - 20km

Spot: forest fire exits

Off-road downhill, about 80m. A checkpoint at 19.5km.

20km – 25km

Spot: vasa museum, skiing 5th lane, vasa bridge

The 1st km is flat road around lake, then comes the steepest slope along the skiing 5th lane, which is grassland, 23-degree-slope and 75m altitude rising. This slope is 1.3km long. After conquering it, enjoy the 1.7km downhill in forest. The 2nd drinking station is set at vasa museum in 21km and the 3rd checkpoint at 22.5km.

25km – 30km

Spot: bathing beach, dam, lotuses and willows

Last 5km goes along the road around lake, generally flat. Sprint out to the finish!

Finally, here are the 30km test-ride data by our ftp240w 80kg staff.