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Early Bird

Regular Bird

Men/Women, 60km

200 RMB

240 RMB

Men/Women, 30km

120 RMB

160 RMB

Early Bird - up until July 31st 2018

Regular Bird - start from August 1st 2018

30km Student Group:50 RMB(Please show us your Student ID card, only participate in the Student Group evaluation)

The fee includes insurance for the competition, water and sportsdrink, competition bag including a lot of gifts, memorial medal.

(1) Wearing a helmet is mandatory for each participant in the MTB event.

Mountainbikers are personally responsible to ensure their bikes and equipment are fit for the task, including the rental bike of choice.

(2) Only leg power is allowed. Any kind of automatic or mechanic aids are disallowed. Footpeg, lock, etc. shall all be removed before the start of the event. Nordic Ways staff preserves the right to check participants’ bicycles at any time during the event if there is a suspicion of sporting fraud

(3) Each participant must read through the full specific event regulations and guidelines, which are posted on the website. If anything is unclear, please address your question to a Nordic Ways staff or to media@nordicways.com

3. Opening hours for picking up your participant bag is:

August 25th 09:00-20:00

Place:Competition office is located east of the Main Gate of Changchun Jingyuetan Park.

You need to sign in and get your bag with your documents (same as the ones for your application).

Competition BagOne-time timing chip, number bib, number tag, leg stick, competition brochure, memorial clothing for this competition, and souvenirs.

4. Pay Attention

Please read “Competition Rules and Procedures” and “Legal Liability Exemption and Waiver of Rights” before the competition. The participants need to sign “Legal Liability Exemption and Waiver of Rights”in advance.

5. Timing:The competition uses one-time timing chip. This chip comes along with its instructions in the competition bag. Please check it and read the instruction carefully. Report any problems before you start the race.

6. Supervision and Report

From August 17th to August 24th the official website will display the competitor list. This list will be monitored and Participants qualified for the competition will be doublechecked by the Cycling Association of China on August 26th. If they are found to be professional bikers according to the regulation mentioned above, they will be disqualified. If you are disqualified your application fee is forfeit. For more questions please E-mail: media@nordicways.com